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The presence of mosses, lichen and algae on your roofs can be a major headache, especially in the Scottish climate. They work to reduce the life expectancy of waterproofing compounds, and similarly they have a deleterious effect on brickwork and concrete.

A long-lasting, effective solution

Conventional surface treatment of this problem just doesn't work. Visible growth may be removed, however the roots and therefore the core problem remains. Aquaklenz's roof treatment service on the other hand provides a comprehensive, deep-down and long-lasting solution.

Our 4 step process

- First we power-clean the roof, in addition to cleaning all gutters, downpipes and drains.

- Next we give your roof a complete overhaul: broken tiles will be replaced, and any repointing or flashing work will be carried out.

- An environmentally friendly biocide wash will be applied to prevent regrowth of lichens, moss and fungi.

- Finally we will seal the roof with a micro-porous solution, allowing the roof to breathe whilst providing it with long-lasting protection.
It's an extremely thorough process, and that's why we demonstrate our confidence in the product with a 10-year guarantee.
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